Donald Trump Makes History Through Political Endorsements

Donald Trump Makes History Through Political Endorsements

( – When US presidents leave office, there’s a long-established template for what they do next. They set up their libraries, write their memoirs, then trash their reputations by making increasingly irrelevant announcements about how their successors are doing. Our 45th president wants to do a bit better than that, though.

Political scientists are amazed former president Donald Trump has stayed so deeply involved in Republican politics. He hasn’t let his defeat in last November’s hotly disputed election get him down. He’s still a major leader in the Republican movement, and his commitment to the MAGA program hasn’t wavered.

Political analyst Wayne Lesperance of New England College says Trump “is proving to march to the beat of his own drums,” throwing out our expectations of what a former president does and building a much more active role for himself.

Trump’s biggest influence right now is through his endorsement of GOP candidates. So far he’s given his support to nearly 40 Republicans running for all levels of government, and the Trump endorsement is highly sought after among Republicans. Donald Trump is a driving force behind today’s Republican Party and with tens of millions of Americans still backing him for another run at the White House in 2024. Time will tell whether he maintains that momentum.

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