Donald Trump Launches Truth Social

Donald Trump Launches Truth Social

( – Former President Donald Trump has officially launched a new social media platform aimed at challenging liberal dominance of the internet and protecting the right to free speech.

Late on February 20, a new social media app, Truth Social, went live on Apple’s App Store – and the massive demand for it stretched Apple’s servers to the limit. The new app is designed to compete with Twitter, giving users an uncensored alternative. There are already several Twitter alternatives on the market, although none of them have succeeded in drawing many users away from the notoriously liberal platform. Truth Social is different, though – because it’s being rolled out by Trump himself.


Truth Social has been developed by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which is led by former California congressman Devin Nunes (R). For the last few months, it’s been available to beta testers, but now it’s been officially released on the App Store. By early Monday morning, it was the most popular free app on the site – and demand was so high that some users had to wait to register an account.

On Sunday, Nunes talked to Fox News and said TMTG’s goal is to be “fully operational” in the US by the end of March – but Truth Social is already available for anyone who wants to get on board now. Social media needs an option that’s free of the liberal censorship destroying Twitter, and now it has one supported by Donald Trump.

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