Donald Trump Issues Perfect Response After Successful Acquittal

Donald Trump Releases Powerful Statement After Impeachment Acquittal

( – On Saturday, February 13, the US Senate acquitted President Donald Trump of one charge of inciting an insurrection. Lawmakers voted 57-43 to clear him and the former POTUS was incredibly pleased to hear the news.

Trump released a statement shortly after the Senate reached a verdict. He thanked his lawyers, as well as the GOP senators and representatives who defended him. The former president called the impeachment trial “another phase of the greatest witch hunt” in American history. He let his supporters know that his “historic, patriotic, and beautiful movement….has only just begun.”

His son, Don Jr, also celebrated his father’s win.

Trump Sr. has not said whether he plans to run for office again in 2024, but it’s clear from his statement that he doesn’t plan to leave the spotlight. If he does give it another shot, Democrats had better watch out.

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