Donald Trump Endorses Vernon Jones

Donald Trump Endorses Vernon Jones

( – Former President Donald Trump is heavily involved in the 2022 midterms. He wants the Republican Party to take back the majority in both the House and Senate, but they’ll only be successful with the right political candidates. That’s why he’s taking the time to endorse a number of conservatives.

In early February, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones dropped out of the race. The decision came after Trump said he would rather the conservative run for Congress. Jones quickly complied, clearing the way for former Senator David Perdue to run for governor. The former GA state representative announced he was running for the 10th district congressional seat.

On February 9, Trump announced he would be endorsing Jones for Congress.

Trump said he believes Jones is a very “special person” who has proven himself to be an “America First fighter.” He said he doesn’t think the former state representative will ever back down when he’s up against the left.

Jones has pledged to do more to secure the borders and protect the personal rights of the American people. He said he’s a conservative with traditional values who thinks Democrats are pulling the country too far to the left. He wants to get the country back on track.

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