Dominion Voting Machines “Intentionally Rigged” Says MI Forensic Report

Dominion Voting Machines

( – Last week, a Michigan court authorized a forensic examination of the Dominion voting machines used in Antrim County for last month’s elections. On Monday, December 14, a judge ruled the results of that examination should be made public – and they’re horrifying.

Michigan Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ruled the report can be released as long as commercially-sensitive software code is removed. This reverses an order last week sealing the report. It shows that while the Federal Election Commission allows an error rate of 0.0008%, the error rate of the Dominion machines used in Antrim County was 68.05%, and that the system was “intentionally and purposefully designed” to influence election results while eliminating any audit trail.

The report contains exactly the information President Trump needed to challenge the certification of the election results. With the same machines used in hundreds of counties across the US, millions of votes are potentially affected. Who really won the election? Dominion Voting Systems have made it impossible to know.

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