DOJ’s Handling Of Hunter Biden’s Case Is Very Perplexing

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Jonathan Turley, a contributor for Fox News stated on Thursday during “America’s Newsroom” that the “glaring issue” in the case against Hunter Biden is that previously the Department of Justice had allowed for the early potential tax felonies against him to expire.

The law professor from George Washington University questioned what reason special counsel David Weiss who is handling these investigations had for allowing the statute of limitations on this to expire during the probe.

As he stated this was not a good week for the Biden administration as it has now been formalized that there is an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. He added that all of the Democrats had unanimously voted against the probe, despite the fact that recent polls had shown that more than half of Americans supported the impeachment inquiry.

He further pointed out that the polls had also found that seventy percent of Americans had believed that President Biden had acted unethically or illegally which is why it was important to get answers on these questions.

He added that the question was whether Lesley Wolf would be able to answer these, especially considering the Department of Justice could have instructed her on what she was and was not allowed to say regarding the handling of this case.

Still, the most important issue remained the fact that the Justice Department allowed potential earlier felonies to expire. He added that the whistleblowers had claimed that there was a deal previously on the table that would have potentially allowed an extension to the statute of limitations. Despite this Weiss had allowed it to expire. He added that from a legal perspective, he could not understand the rationale behind allowing the felonies to expire while there were ongoing investigations. He added that Wolf might be able to provide one but currently, he could not think of one.

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