DOJ Says Courts Need ‘Emergency Powers’

DOJ Says Courts Need 'Emergency Powers'

( – A spokesman from the Department of Justice is clarifying the DOJ’s recent suggestions for implementing “emergency powers” amid the coronavirus outbreak. News broke over the weekend that the DOJ has asked Congress to grant a concerning list of “emergency powers” including giving the attorney general the power to halt court proceedings.

If approved, top judges would be able to pause court proceedings anytime the nation was faced with a natural disaster, unrest due to civil disobedience, or any other type of emergency situation.

That doesn’t sound so terrible, right? Wrong. When you consider all sides of this issue, you’ll see it’s a slippery slope we need to be leary of.

Case in point, those arrested during these times could be held behind bars indefinitely until the emergency situation ends — denying them their constitutional rights.

Many Americans were rightfully alarmed at the request, but the DOJ says their concerns are unfounded.

According to DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec, these suggested rule changes would simply empower judges and would not benefit the executive branch. She explained this legislation was an effort to “promote consistency” rather than a power grab and that Congress would have the final say.

In times of emergencies, some extreme measures need to be taken. It’s up to us to ensure politicians don’t overstep.

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