Doctor Loses Medical License For Wanting Too Much Attention

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

( – Dr. Katharine Grawe, who was once known on TikTok as @doctorroxy was stripped of her license by the Ohio Medical Board on Wednesday.

The board permanently revoked her license after she allegedly completely botched three different patients’ surgeries. The patients were required to receive further medical care following the procedures.

Grawe is also going to be required to pay a $4,500 fine for not meeting the standard of care required.

Dr. Jonathan Feibel, one of the board members, claimed that they would recommend that there should not be a “Dr. Roxy or patient one, two or three” as a protection to those in Ohio against this “reckless physician.”

Grawe had gone viral on TikTok from 2018 to 2022 as she would live-stream many of the surgeries that she was performing. As a result, thousands of followers would show up to watch the procedures. However, according to Wednesday’s hearing, it was determined that Grawe was placing more attention on her social media presence instead of on providing the right standards of care for her patients.

The three patients had all received treatment at Roxy Plastic Surgery, which was Grawe’s practice, before needing to seek further medical attention. Some of them reported that they had skin tears, infections, and several other complications and side effects as a result of the surgeries.

Mary Jenkins had previously sued Grawe in 2019 following the tissue of her breast reconstruction dying. She had claimed that this was something they would never forget as they would always see that scar.

Grawe’s license had first been temporarily suspended in October.

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