Diversity Training Forced on Scouts

Diversity Training Forced on Scouts

(TargetLiberty.org) – On Monday, the Boy Scouts of America announced it’s creating a new “Diversity and Inclusion” merit badge to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. From now on, young men won’t be able to make Eagle Scout rank without it.

In a letter sent to the families of all Scouts, BSA says the new badge will be based on work for existing merit badges teaching Scouts to learn about and experience other groups and cultures. The organization also says it’ll be reviewing its whole program to make sure diversity and inclusion are “…engrained [sic] at every level.”

BSA has become increasingly controversial in recent years, as the organization simultaneously faces a wave of sex abuse cases and battles allegations that it’s lost sight of the traditional values associated with Scouting.

With proper leadership and turn back to the main tenets of what Boy Scouts is supposed to be all about, none of these problems would even be an issue.

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