Disney World Is Quickly Pricing Out America’s Middle Class

Disney World Is Quickly Pricing Out America's Middle Class

Disney World Is Becoming A Place Where Only Rich People’s Dreams Come True

(TargetLiberty.org) – For over 50 years, Walt Disney World has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US. Spectacular, magical and most importantly affordable, it was a dream family vacation within the budget of middle-class Americans. But is it still true?

When Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, FL in 1971, a day ticket cost $3.50. Adjusting for inflation, the same ticket should cost $29.20 today — but, in fact, the average 2022 price is around $125. Since 1971, US inflation has averaged 3.93% a year, but the average annual price rise of a Disney World ticket has been almost twice that, at 7.4%.

It’s not just the cost of tickets that’s risen, either. The Magical Express courtesy shuttle from the airport to the park has been axed, so guests now have to pay their own way, which can easily cost $200. Parking at resort hotels used to be free, but now costs $15-$25 per night. Parking for day visitors can be twice as expensive, with standard spaces starting at $25 and premium parking costing an eye-watering $50. Refillable water cups have disappeared, replaced with $5 bottled water, and the price of meals, snacks, and souvenirs has also jumped sharply. One New Jersey family of four recently complained a five-day visit to the park cost them $8,480, not including plane tickets to get there.

Has Disney abandoned ordinary Americans and decided its experience is only for the rich? That’s what its pricing seems to suggest.

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