Disney Faces Dire Consequences in GOP-Led State After Going Full “Woke”

Disney Faces Dire Consequences in GOP-Led State After Going Full

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Disney corporation has embraced the woke agenda and set itself up in opposition to Florida’s GOP governor. Unfortunately for the company, it forgot elected politicians have real power. Now, Disney’s about to re-learn that lesson.

On April 18, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) asked the state legislature to look at revoking Disney World’s special status. Since 1967, Disney World has operated as a semi-autonomous area. Although the resort’s 25,000 acres lie in Orange and Osceola Counties, it isn’t administered by the county governments. Instead, it has its own special tax district known as “Reedy Creek Improvement District.” This special status lets Disney control building permits on its own land. Disney also pays taxes to Reedy Creek which in turn provides services inside the resort.

Last month, Disney decided to step into the debate over Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, which the company opposes. On March 28, Disney released a statement explaining its goal was to have the law repealed by the Legislature or struck down in the courts. Now, DeSantis wants to remind the company that elected politicians, not rich woke corporations, run Florida.

A day after DeSantis called on the legislature to act, the Florida Senate voted 23-16 to revoke Reedy Creek’s privileges and hand administration of the area back to the counties. If the Florida House also votes for revocation, Disney will have to go through the normal permit process when it wants to build anything, and pay its taxes to the counties instead of a special district it effectively controls.

The company thought it was powerful enough to throw its weight around in politics; now it gets to pay the price.

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