Disney CEO Erupts On GOP Governor

Ron DeSantis Seems Likely to Strip Away Disney’s Special Status

(TargetLiberty.org) – On Wednesday afternoon, Walt Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger alleged that Gov. Ron DeSantis and his supporters were retaliating against the company for exercising free-speech rights. He argued that DeSantis and Florida’s politicians were “weaponizing” the state government in order to punish Disney’s opposition to the parental rights bill that passed through the state legislature last year and banned all instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms from kindergarten to third grade.

Iger was discussing the company’s latest financial results when the feud with Florida came up. As he argued he took issue with the state’s efforts to dismantle the special district which had allowed Disney to grow over the years. As a result of all the measures taken in Florida, Disney filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to protect its business interests which are currently being attacked.

Iger further argued that within Florida there are around 2,000 special districts, most of which were established to empower investments and developments. He added that Disney is only one of the many companies to benefit from these special districts which allowed them to more easily do business in the U.S. Other special districts in the U.S. include the Daytona Speedway and the Villages retirement community.

He added that Disney has built a business that employs more than “75,000 people and attracts tens of millions of people to the state.”

Disney was also planning on further expanding its Walt Disney World Park in Florida, with a $17 billion investment over the next decade.

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