DHS Warns Migrant Surge at the Border Will Worsen Backlogs

DHS Warns Migrant Surge at the Border Will Worsen Backlogs

(TargetLiberty.org) – On April 6, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ur Jaddou told Congress that ending Title 42 will impact other areas of DHS by causing delays for those already in the queue. She said she’s sending immigration officials to the border to handle the influx of asylum claims that are going to flood the system in May when the program ends, but said it will “take a toll” on the agency’s ability to handle other applications.


Nearly 2 million immigrants entered the US illegally during the first year of President Joe Biden’s term. The Democratic president was deporting many of the adult migrants under Title 42, a policy former President Donald Trump put in place. On April 1, the Biden administration announced the end of the policy and DHS is warning other immigrants will suffer much longer delays.

Jaddou said the impact on other immigration services will depend on how big the surge is at the border when Title 42 ends. USCIS already has a backlog of millions of cases because of the pandemic. The Biden administration is now going to allow people to pay $2,500 in extra fees to have their cases expedited. Additionally, ICE lawyers are being told to dismiss low-priority cases in order to reduce the backlog iimmigration courts face as well. Now the migrants who are waiting for the agency to decide on their petitions might be stuck in limbo while Biden grapples with the impact of yet another immigration crisis.

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