DHS Repurposing Funding Approved for Border Wall Construction

DHS Repurposing Funding Approved for Border Wall Construction

Feds Unveil Insane “NEW USE” For Border Wall Funds

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Department of Homeland Security has been sitting on a pile of cash allocated by the Trump administration. The money was supposed to be used for extending our border wall. Now, DHS plans to redirect it to other projects.

On July 11, the DHS announced that instead of using “prior year border barrier funding” to build new sections of border wall where immigrants are illegally entering the country, they plan to use it for “remediation and mitigation” of existing barriers, as well as installing upgrades like lighting, alarms, and security cameras. According to DHS, the agency has found “significant life, safety, and environmental hazards” from incomplete wall projects, so now the new plan is to spend its budget on those features rather than building new sections.

While the diverted cash should mean some incomplete sections are actually completed, and other sections made more secure, it’s clear some barriers aren’t going to get built at all. Money allocated in 2018 and 2019 for walls in the Rio Grande Valley sector will be spent on “environmental planning,” while planning for a new wall in the Laredo sector will be terminated. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants continue to flood across our southern border — and the Biden administration doesn’t seem interested.

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