DHS Issues Alert on Potential Terrorist Activities

DHS Issues Alert on Potential Terrorist Activities

DHS Warns Terrorism Is On The Rise — Here’s Why

(TargetLiberty.org) – The US government uses the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) to inform the public about potential terrorist threats in a timely manner. On June 7, Homeland Security released a bulletin through NTAS warning American citizens to beware of increased incidents of domestic and foreign terrorist activities for the next six months.

The bulletin specifically names public gatherings, government buildings, and religious institutions as potential targets.

The government lists the reason for the heightened threat level as due to actors’ recent mobilization to violence as a reaction to current events and “personal grievances.” The concern is there could be more “mass casualty violence” within the US by extremists who live here and by foreign agents who may take advantage of the current climate in the United States. For example, after the New York City subway shooting in April, supporters of al-Qaeda and ISIS celebrated.

The government fears immigration grievances, the looming SCOTUS decision on abortion, and mid-term elections could spark possible violence increases in the upcoming months.

DHS is still looking into whether the most threats are coming from individuals or small organized groups. In the meantime, the organization is taking various measures to help prevent the violence from occurring in the first place, including targeting misinformation on all levels, working on school safety, and coordinating with the FBI to share relevant information.

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