DeSantis Rakes in Cash as Republicans Prepare for 2024

DeSantis Rakes in Cash as Republicans Prepare for 2024

Ron DeSantis Rakes In Millions As Potential GOP Frontrunner

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is preparing to defend his job in November’s midterm elections, but the fundraising he’s carrying out for that race could also form the basis of a 2024 presidential bid. He’s raised over $100 million — the highest amount ever collected during a single Florida election cycle.

So far, the nightmare scenario for the Democrats has been Donald Trump running for president again in 2024. Whether he ran against President Biden, Hillary Clinton, or any other uninspiring likely opponent, there’s an excellent chance Trump could get a second term after all. But, for the Dems, an even worse possibility might be emerging. Florida’s popular GOP governor is building an impressive war chest, and he could be in a strong position to make his own run.

Where the money originated is even more interesting. The Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC has already collected $3.4 million from 10 donors who backed Trump in 2020, and most of those donors have never contributed to Florida state elections before. If they’re willing to throw their money in the ring now, then there’s an excellent chance they’ll back DeSantis again in two years if he decides to go for the top job.

Trump donors currently backing the governor include retired investor William Buckley, Illinois businessman Richard Uihlein, Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, real estate mogul Steven Witkoff and billionaire Willis Johnson.

Trump is still the lead choice among grassroots Republicans, but DeSantis is coming up fast.

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