DeSantis Goes After The Biden Administration – “Massive” Problem

DeSantis Slams Biden's Policies -- Points Out Major Issues

DeSantis Slams Biden’s Policies — Points Out Major Issues

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) called out the Biden Administration’s policies when he focused on the growing economic issues facing the US at a recent campaign rally for a Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate. Among many things, he warned of the consequences President Joe Biden’s massive spending programs would have on the American people.

On September 18, DeSantis spoke at a campaign rally for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels, warning that the US is “staring down the barrel of a lot of really significant turbulence” because of the president’s policies. He highlighted inflation, rising interest rates, and the economic slowdown as evidence. DeSantis pointed out mortgage interest rates are now at least double where they were a year ago, and it’s “very difficult” for working people to afford a loan.

DeSantis said the president’s spending spree is such a cause of concern that even other Democrats thought it would cause trouble. He suggested Biden was previously warned by former officials from both Clinton and Obama administrations that his policies would cause inflation, but Biden ignored them. He even attacked the energy industry, which multiple experts claim may have exacerbated the ongoing crisis.

Discussing his own economic policies, DeSantis said his rule of thumb is to “just really study what Biden’s doing and then do the opposite.” He predicted that if Michels wins in November, Wisconsin will imitate Florida’s policies and become a success. Going by the standing ovation he received, the crowd seemed to like the idea.

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