DeSantis Explores Ways to Protect State from Mandate Overreach

DeSantis Explores Ways to Protect State from Mandate Overreach

( – The Biden administration has pinned its hopes on vaccine mandates as the way to break COVID-19’s grip on the country. It’s a desperate strategy – and many people are worried that, even if it works, the cost in terms of states’ rights is too high. Now states are looking at ways they can push back against federal overreach.

The Florida Legislature is faced with increasingly oppressive federal vaccine mandates, but isn’t taking it lying down. On November 7, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) slammed the latest OSHA-administered mandate as an abuse of power. This week, the state legislature met to look at its options.

Last week, State Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) accused Biden of misusing the OHSA. He called the mandate “an unconstitutional mockery of the important role of OSHA.” Meanwhile, State House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R) warned that if Biden is going to weaponize the OHSA to enforce unconstitutional laws, “We want out of OHSA.” He said that Florida can set up its own regulatory authority and “say goodbye to the federal government.”

The Biden administration hasn’t achieved much, but one thing it has done is hand a slew of powers to the federal government and its agencies. States guard their rights with jealousy, and they won’t tolerate federal overreach forever. Florida is just one state to stand up and say no.

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