DeSantis Breaks Fundraising Records, Shattering Florida Democrats

DeSantis Breaks Fundraising Records, Shattering Florida Democrats

DeSantis Makes Democrats Nervous As He Shatters All Expectations With Reelection Bid

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is getting ready to run for re-election in November, and so far his campaign is off to a great start. DeSantis had his best fundraising month ever in April, putting him far ahead of his Democratic rivals. Overall, he looks to be in a very strong position.

On May 10, the media reported DeSantis had raised almost $10.5 million last month, bringing his total for this election cycle to over $113 million. The bulk of it has been raised by his political committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, with the rest coming from private donations. His fundraising success is giving DeSantis the financial firepower he needs to run a very thorough campaign; for example, he’s spending $5.3 million on Spanish-language ads.

By contrast, leading Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, a turncoat Republican who switched to the Democrats in 2012, has only raised $9.2 million so far, and just one million of that came in last month. The other two Democratic candidates are even further behind.

DeSantis started the gubernatorial race with a huge advantage in the fact that he’s already governor. In 2018, out of 36 states electing governors, the incumbents ran in 16 of them. Only one was defeated by a challenger. Since the 1950s, governors seeking re-election have won more than 70% of the time. Add that to his massive fundraising lead and it looks like DeSantis is well placed for a second term.

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