DeSantis Brags About Florida’s Successes Compared to Blue States

DeSantis Brags About Florida's Successes Compared to Blue States

Ron DeSantis Brags That Florida Is A “Refuge Of Sanity” 

( – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis sang praises and touted accomplishments as leader of a “red” state, slamming struggling “blue” states at the annual third National Conservatism Conference (NatCon), a conference that took place in Miami this past weekend.

It was a bold, confident speech from a governor who obviously feels his state is heading in the right direction. This is despite all the negative attacks and criticisms he received from other Democrat politicians for going against the grain and lifting restrictions early on throughout the pandemic.

DeSantis said his state has become a “refuge of sanity in a world gone mad” and a laboratory of democracy when speaking to conference attendees. He said Florida is on a different path from many other states, claiming it rejects the ideas of the “discredited ruling class and elites” and has stuck with the original principles of the US founders.

DeSantis says Florida is now reaping those benefits as people abandon blue states in growing numbers. He told the audience that since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the new income brought into the state by outside residents fleeing Democratic rule is more than any other state has ever experienced. He also pointed out that it isn’t turning Florida blue, either, with Republican voter registration now beating the Democrats’ numbers for the first time in the state’s history.

While DeSantis rejects the liberal orthodoxy, he isn’t afraid to challenge the political Right either. He’s spoken out against woke corporations, arguing while free enterprise is important, we need to remember the “United States is a nation that has an economy, not the other way around,” and people need to be protected against corporatism.

He’s taken on Disney. He’s taken on teachers who wanted to keep schools shut during the pandemic. And, going by the flow of people into his state, that’s just what Floridians want.

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