Dems Push Followers To Vote for Cheney in Wyoming

Dems Push Followers To Vote for Cheney in Wyoming

Democrats Push Leftists To Vote Republican – YES, You Read That Right

( – Recent polls put Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) behind her opponent, Harriet Hageman, in the primary elections in Wyoming. In response to the likelihood that the long-time politician will lose her seat, two Democrats released ads supporting the congresswoman’s bid to retain the position. The calls for voters to support Cheney are running on Facebook and funded by Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy.

In his ad, Representative Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) spoke about the lawmaker, stating he’s on her side in her fight for America while admitting they “don’t agree on everything.”

Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN) also threw his support behind the Wyoming lawmaker, announcing, “principle must always come before politics.” The Minnesota rep then asked his followers to temporarily switch their party to the Republican side in order to cast their ballots in the primary election and keep the congresswoman in office. In the same ad, he called her a patriot.

The once popular Republican from The Equality State put her reputation on the line by sitting on the US House Select January 6 Committee, which leans heavily Democratic. She essentially became the face of the Capitol hearings, tanking her popularity with many in her own party.

Do you think this move by the representatives on the Left will work in her favor or strengthen voter support for her opposition?

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