Democrats Will Support Anyone But Joe Biden in 2024, According to Poll

Democrats Will Support Anyone But Joe Biden in 2024, According to Poll

( – President Biden might still be dreaming of a second term in the White House, but his party’s voters have moved on. A majority of Democrats now want someone – anyone – else as chief executive.

A new CNN poll released on February 13 found support among Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters for a 2024 Biden run has fallen to 45%. More than half – 51% – now want him to step aside at the end of his term and let someone else take up the challenge.

It isn’t just Biden’s political enemies on the far Left; it’s those who are unimpressed by his attempts to buy their support, who would rather see someone else run. Democrats who “moderately” approve of his record want him gone, with just 35% saying they’d like to see him renominated – and even among those who “strongly” approve, 30% would still prefer him to go after one term.

The poll asked voters who want Biden replaced why they think he shouldn’t seek re-election. Eighteen percent say they’re worried about his age. He’ll turn 82 the month of the next general election. Meanwhile, 35% say they don’t believe he can win against a Republican candidate, and 31% simply don’t want to see him reelected.

So Democrats don’t like the president they have now, but the really bad news for the party is they don’t know who should replace him. Just 12% could name an alternative candidate, and nobody had more than 5% support. Democrats face the prospect of going into battle against a revitalized GOP with another compromise candidate about which nobody is very enthusiastic.

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