Democrats Suddenly CUT FUNDING In These Races!

Democrats Suddenly Cut Funding in These Key Races

Democrats Suddenly Cut Funding in These Key Races

( – Democratic managers are cutting funding to several candidates ahead of next month’s midterm elections. Unexpected GOP strength has forced them to choose between redirecting money to races they thought were easy wins, or spreading their resources too thin. Are we still heading for a red wave?

With less than a month to go before the midterm elections, the House Majority PAC, a key source of funds for Democratic candidates, has announced it’s cutting support for several candidates.

It made the decision because strong Republican candidates are a threat to seats the Dems thought were already in the bag, and if they want to try to shore up their campaigns in those seats they need to take the money from somewhere else. This means abandoning weaker candidates so they can focus funds where they still have a chance of achieving something.

One of the losers from the PAC’s move is Representative Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ), who’s facing a Republican challenger endorsed by former President Donald Trump and backed by $1.7 million in campaign funds. Last month, O’Halleran said he needed more money to compete. Now it’s clear he won’t be getting it.

Meanwhile, Michelle Vallejo, who’s running for a Texas House seat, was due to get a series of House Majority-funded ads at the end of the month; the PAC is now planning to cancel them. Planned ad funding for Wisconsin challenger Brad Pfaff is also being pulled.

Will the diverted funds help the Dems keep control of Congress, or have they left it too late to stop a GOP surge?

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