Democrats Say Biden Unable To Fix The Border?

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – During an appearance on CBS News “Face the Nation,” U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, who was the leading Democrat involved in the negotiations for the bipartisan border security bill that had been introduced earlier this year argued that it was unlikely for the U.S. courts to strike down President Biden’s sweeping action. 

In his argument, he pointed out that the U.S. President has “limited ability” when it comes to issuing executive orders that could potentially impact the U.S. border. He added that it is not possible for him to make up resources from “thin air” and that if they had tried to shut down certain sections of the Southern border then it was most likely that the court would be throwing out the request within only a few weeks. 

President Biden is currently heavily campaigning in order to win another term in the Oval Office in the November elections. He has previously pointed out all the executive actions that had been introduced by his administration in an attempt to stop migrants from crossing into the U.S. border after the GOP had rejected the bipartisan Senate bill. The bill had some support originally but former President Donald Trump had blasted it and encouraged all Republicans to vote against the bill. 

Last week Senate Republicans voted against the bill again, while the House Speaker, Mike Johnson (R) argued that the bill would not lead to border security and that all it was doing was incentivizing more illegal immigration. 

There has been an overall drop in the number of migrants that have crossed into the country illegally, especially compared with the December monthly record high. Murphy argued that the decrease had been the result of the diplomatic efforts between the Mexican and United States governments.

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