Democrat’s Plan To Win Major Battleground State

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – New Hampshire, which is known for being the first-in-the-national in the primary presidential elections is currently in the middle of a dispute with the Democratic National Committee over the date of the election. Many of the 2024 presidential candidates have frequently been visiting the state ahead of the presidential election.

Apart from being the first in the primary though, the state is also known for being the only battleground state in New England. Over the years this has meant that the state has seen some of the most competitive elections for the White House and Congress. More peculiarly while in the state’s federal elections, the Democrats appear to be dominating, the Republicans have control over both the legislature and the executive offices in the state.

Ray Buckley, the chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party stated that they were currently getting organized so that they could win the State House majorities and the gubernatorial election, flipping both. He added that they would reelect Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas to Congress and win the 2024 presidential election in the state.

Chris Ager, the chair of the state’s GOP has also claimed that they are organizing to win the state’s federal election and that he believes a Republican representative would be chosen for Congress. He added that the fact that the state’s legislature and governor were Republican is what made the state such a “great place to live.”

New Hampshire has gone to the Democrats in all but one of the presidential elections in the past three decades.

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