Democrats Losing Major Demographic

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – John Della Volpe, who had worked as one of the pollsters in Biden’s 2020 campaign has spent over 20 years analyzing youth voter data. In a recent interview with the West Wing Playbook, he revealed that voters under 30 were less likely to be Democrats now than they were in 2019. He added that the majority of voters believe themselves to be independent while very few of them consider politics as one of the ways in which they can make meaningful change.

In the previous three election cycles there has been a historic level of voter participation from the younger demographic, however, should those voters not come out in 2024, then the results for the Democrats and President Biden could be catastrophic.

Della Volpe who is the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics director of polling argued that it was up to him to ring the warning bells now when there was still time to take action. He added that these voters need to be convinced of the party’s values and that bringing them in is not something that can occur within a day.

Biden however has insisted that he is not considering young people guaranteed voters. In fact, Richard Sweeney, a former student of Della Volpe has been brought in as a White House policy analyst with a focus on the younger demographic.  White House officials have also pointed out that they are trying to draw voters in by focusing on the issues that young people appear to care the most about including abortion rights, climate change, and LGBTQ issues.

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