Democrats Lose Support in Deep Blue California

Democrats Lose Support in Deep Blue California

( – California has been a liberal state for a long time. Even when the governor was a Republican, the legislature was still largely left-leaning. Now Democrats are losing some support in their most reliable state, leaving an opportunity open for the GOP.

A recent decision to oust three school board members in San Francisco shows how the leftist city is turning against ultra-progressives. The board members lost their positions after spending millions of dollars renaming schools (including one named after President Abraham Lincoln), keeping the schools closed for more than a year and making other poor decisions. More than 70% of voters supported the removal of the members.

After the vote, some politicians wondered if the left was losing its grip on the city. The radical ideologies of the school board members were actively hurting children. In one case, the board members voted to stop accepting kids in the best academic programs in the city based on merits. It was the worst of the left’s policies and showed America what it would be like if those people were in charge everywhere. Even Democrat voters couldn’t handle it.

Antonio Amador, a Latino California voter, told Newsmax many of the people who rose up against the school system were groups like Hispanics and Asians that traditionally voted for Democrats. However, he believes they’re now coming to realize their values align more with the Republican Party “and Democrats are panicking because of that,” he said.

If Republicans build on the momentum, they might be able to pull California out of the grips of the Democratic Party eventually.

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