Democrats Looking To Take Back Total Control

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Virginia Democrats are hoping that they will be able to win control of the commonwealth statehouse after Tuesday’s election, setting them up for the 2024 election.

The off-year elections have been the focus of Democrats across the country, especially as they are considered essential to the abortion access issue. At the same time, Republicans have been pushing forward their campaigns by focusing on the economy and crime.

Two years ago the Democrats lost their control of Virginia, as Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin was elected and the Republican Party managed to win control of the House of Delegates. Despite that performance though, the Democrats are now confident that they are going to perform better this year especially following last year’s midterm elections. The recent special election wins both within Virginia and outside the state have also led operatives and strategists to be hopeful about the election.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee communications director Abhi Rahman argued that for future elections the best indicator is to always look at what has occurred in previous elections. He added that this can also be a great indication of where the Democratic message stands when compared with the Republican one.

Veteran Virginia political analyst Bob Holsworth argued that the Democrats have put forth very strong candidates in competitive races.

For the Democrats, putting forward candidates with military or prosecutorial experience could allow them to avoid the criticisms that the Republicans have been bringing forward against them regarding not being focused on crime.

Late Tuesday night, the results revealed that the Democrats flipped House of Delegates and maintained control of the State Senate.

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