Democrats Determined to Move Forward Without GOP

Democrats Determined to Move Forward Without GOP

( – The Trump administration and Congress members came together on five separate occasions last year to deliver bipartisan COVID-19 relief aid to the American people. About 10 million people remain unemployed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to February Labor Department statistics. Millions of children struggle with online learning, and the entire country battles a growing mental health crisis.

Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to restore the nation’s economy and get America’s children back to school. On his first day in office, his administration published “The Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19” on the White House website. He vowed to promote “trust, transparency, and common purpose.” He has also sworn to work across the aisle with Republicans to serve all Americans’ interests better.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and sadly, all Biden appears to have are words.

Democrats and the Biden Administration Leave Republican Legislators Behind

The Associated Press reported on March 4 that the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats have less than any interest in working with Republicans to pass a new COVID-19 relief package.

Democrats have gone as far as effectively locking Republicans out of negotiations regarding the aid bill’s content. There’s an inexplicable urgency to the Democrats’ behavior as well. The Associated Press wrote they were “operating as if they are on borrowed time,” and perhaps they are with the midterm elections less than two years away.

Biden’s nearly $2 trillion aid package appears destined for passage by a simple 51-vote majority, leaving Republicans behind, provided no Democrats step out of line. If they are successful, that means Republicans, who represent about half the nation’s population, won’t have the ability to represent their constituents’ interests.

Donald Trump warned the nation last year not to let the cure for COVID-19 “be worse than the problem itself.” Sadly, that warning also applies to this situation.

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