Democrats Angry That Justice Breyer Refuses to Retire

Democrats Angry That Justice Breyer Refuses to Retire

( – The liberal media is continuing its attacks on a Supreme Court justice, trying to force him out of office. It’s part of a coordinated campaign that also involves far-left Democrats, with the goal to impose woke dogma on the Judiciary.

On July 20, MSNBC commentator Chris Geidner wrote a column targeted at Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Geidner’s problem is that Breyer is refusing to retire so President Biden can appoint a box-ticking diversity candidate in his place. Never mind that there’s no rule that says justices must – or even should – retire; Geidner wants him to, and that’s all that matters.

Breyer has been facing increasing pressure from the far left since Biden took office; at 82, he’s the oldest justice on the court. Radicals like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are keen on getting him out the way so Biden can appoint someone in his place without interference from the GOP if they take control of Congress in 2022. Liberal journalists have enthusiastically joined the attack, often in vile terms – The Nation political correspondent Elie Mystal has openly speculated on when Breyer will die.

Geidner didn’t go that far, but he insists Breyer’s decision to stay on is a “gamble” – in reality, it’s what Supreme Court justices have always done. They stay on as long as they can do the job. Nobody’s questioning Breyer’s ability, just his age. And nobody should be forced out of their job over that, right?

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