Democratic States See Highest Gas Prices in the Country

Democratic States See Highest Gas Prices in the Country

( – With fast-rising gas prices pushing the cost of living painfully upwards, President Biden’s green policies are drawing a lot of criticism right now. However, according to a new study, it isn’t just the president who’s responsible for fuel price increases. Democrat state governments are also pushing them up.

On March 7, the Republican Governors Association released a report into gas prices across the US – and they uncovered a startling fact. It turns out of the ten states with the highest gas costs, no less than nine of them are governed by the Democratic Party. However flip it around and of the ten states with the lowest gas prices, nine are run by the GOP. Based on these numbers, it’s pretty clear a Democratic state government will, mostly through taxation, make drivers pay more for a gallon of gas.

Days before the report was released, 25 Republican governors called on the Biden administration to reverse its radical environmentalist policies. They wanted him to increase domestic energy production to end the relentless inflation 72% of Americans say is already causing hardships.

Meanwhile, Biden says oil companies are refusing to open new wells and it’s nothing to do with him – but last month, the White House froze all decisions about new drilling licenses on federal land in a dispute about calculating the cost of climate change. In the new world order brought about by Russia’s aggression, decisions like that are a luxury we can no longer afford.

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