Democratic Socialist Demands Even Higher Minimum Wage – $15 Doesn’t Cut It

Democratic Socialist Demands Even Higher Minimum Wage - $15 Doesn't Cut It

( – Far-left Democrats have been trying to get a job-destroying $15-per-hour minimum wage passed for years. So far, they haven’t succeeded. Now, a radical candidate has decided to go for broke, and double the demand.

On April 21, Rebecca Parsons, who plans to run for Washington’s 6th District, shared her thoughts about the federal minimum wage on Twitter: “$15 minimum wage is an antiquated demand,” she claimed. “It should be $30 per hour.” Parsons also insisted “nobody should be poor in the richest country on Earth.”

The problem with a high minimum wage is if it’s set too high, it destroys jobs. Economists have calculated that a $15-per-hour minimum wage would eliminate two million jobs in the US, because businesses would simply fire any employee who generated $14.99 profit or less per hour. There’s hard evidence of this; when Seattle brought in a $15 minimum wage in 2017, average hourly pay for low-income workers rose by 43% — but the hours they worked fell by 9%. Workers who got the new minimum lost an average of $125 from their monthly wages.

Now, Parsons wants to set the minimum wage at double that figure — and that means way more than four million jobs will be lost because the number of workers who create less than $30 an hour in profits is a lot more than twice the number who create less than $15.

Parsons says congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) inspired her to join the Democratic Socialists of America; now AOC is endorsing her campaign. Is this the final proof socialists don’t understand economics?

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