Democratic Lawmaker Arrested for Alleged Misconduct With Minor

Democratic Lawmaker Arrested for Alleged Misconduct With Minor

( – An Arizona state senator is facing calls to resign after being arrested for allegedly committing serious sex-related crimes. The lawmaker is also facing multiple felony counts after a child accused him of sexual abuse.

On August 5, law enforcement arrested Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete (D) after he was charged with seven felonies, including sexual abuse with a minor and child molestation. The charges came after the minor, who is now 16, who used to live with the senator said he had been abused for years starting when he was just 12. His brother, 13, also said the lawmaker touched his thigh, making him feel uncomfortable. The older victim reportedly now suffers from anger and anxiety issues as a result of the alleged abuse.

The Phoenix Police Department took action after receiving a report of crimes allegedly taking place in 2019. Law enforcement reportedly has an audio recording of the senator apologizing to the victim for the abuse. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) called on Navarrete to resign.

Democratic lawmakers are also calling on Navarrete to resign, saying the charges present an “untenable distraction” from his job.

If convicted on all charges, the senator faces a minimum of 49 years in prison. Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Steve McCarthy has set a $50,000 bond for Navarrete.

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