Democratic Candidate Goes on the Record in Favor of Assisted Suicide

Democratic Candidate Goes on the Record in Favor of Assisted Suicide

Democratic Candidate ENCOURAGES Assisted Euthanasia For Children

( – A Democrat congressional hopeful has made some shocking comments about assisted suicide. The nominee says the controversial policy would even be moral for children. He also approves of using vague wording to hide the reality of what’s being done.

Robert Lorinser, MD, is the medical director of Michigan’s Marquette County Health Department. He’s also a Democrat congressional nominee for November’s midterm elections and hopes to take the state’s 1st Congressional District — one that’s been leaning increasingly Republican for over 20 years. Now, some past comments he made on Facebook have come back to haunt him.

In October 2018, Lorinser wrote a post on Facebook which discussed assisted suicide for children. Calling it a “difficult issue,” he said it was “proper and ethical” to euthanize a child who had a terminal illness and was suffering. He then went on to discuss what the process should be called. Saying that the words “suicide” or “killing” should be avoided, he recommended “medical assistance dying” instead — because the clumsy phrase “may obscure the issue.”

Lorinser wrote the post, which has now been made private but was obtained by the Daily Caller this week, in response to an article criticizing doctors who provided assisted suicide to sick children without their parent’s consent. It’s one thing to argue that this is better than letting patients suffer, but do we really want politicians who believe in hiding the reality of it behind vague phrases?

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