Democratic Candidate Doesn’t Want Biden’s Help With Campaign

Democratic Candidate Doesn't Want Biden's Help With Campaign

Democratic Candidate Doesn’t Want Biden Anywhere Near Her Campaign

( – There are times when candidates don’t want their party’s president hitting the campaign trail for them. It happens for a number of reasons, like a president’s low approval rating or the desire to appeal to more moderate voices. A Democratic candidate in Virginia has decided she doesn’t want President Joe Biden accompanying her to events ahead of the midterms.

On Tuesday, June 28, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), appeared on Fox News’ “American Newsroom” to discuss the upcoming campaign. She’s facing off against Republican Yesli Vega in November for the state’s 7th Congressional District. Host Dana Perino asked if she planned to have Biden hit the trail with her but the congresswoman responded, “I will do the campaigning myself.”

Spanberger is running in a state that flipped red in the gubernatorial race last year when Republican Glenn Youngkin won. Her district is also known to be relatively conservative. In fact, her predecessor is a Republican who won 57.5% of the vote in 2016 before losing to her in 2018 by less than 2%.

In 2020, the congresswoman barely held onto her seat winning it by just over 1%. Therefore, it stands to reason she would attempt to keep Biden away from her to appeal to those conservative, middle-of-the-road voters in the state — especially with the president’s low approval ratings.

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