Democrat State On The Verge Of Collapse

Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

( – Colorado’s capital has become overwhelmed by the recent surge of immigrants arriving in Denver as a result of the ongoing border crisis. 

Denver, which is a sanctuary city, has had over 40,000 migrants arrive in recent months, leaving the city to stretch its limited resources in an attempt to provide support to the migrants in the city. 

Texas has been using buses to transport thousands of migrants who arrive in the United States through the southern border to so-called sanctuary states. This has highlighted the problem that border states have to normally face on their own when handling the surge of immigrants. 

Denver state officials in an attempt to deal with the overrun hospitals and shelters which are completely overwhelmed have started to put a limit on how long migrants were allowed to stay in accommodation provided by the state. This latest move is meant to help aid the city in handling the daily influx of individuals. 

Denver Health Chief of government and community affairs and Pediatrician Dr. Steven Federic noted that the hospital has requested assistance from both the state and federal governments. He added that no one has answered so far where the responsibility for the healthcare of this population falls. As a result, the responsibility has now fallen on safety net hospitals, like Denver Health. 

The city’s medical institutions are made to use their resources on patients who are unable to pay for their services. The city’s resources are also exhausted as they attempt to provide housing for the new occupants leading to the creation of “tent cities” throughout Denver. 

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