Democrat Pushes Bill That Supports Illegal Immigrants

Democrat Pushes Bill That Supports Illegal Immigrants

( – A far-left congresswoman has reintroduced a bill that would devalue the dollar, push up prices, massively expand government handouts and give monthly checks to illegal immigrants. It’s being pushed as essential to help Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic – but this cure might be worse than the disease.

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) reintroduced the Automatic Boost to Communities Act to the House on March 23. This would pay monthly $2,000 stimulus checks to everyone in the US, including illegal immigrants who’ve been here longer than three months, as long as the COVID pandemic lasts – and then $1,000 a month for another year after it ends.

Tlaib claims one-off stimulus checks aren’t enough and monthly handouts are needed, but the reality is most Americans are still working and don’t need the checks. As for illegal immigrants, handing them a monthly check that isn’t far off minimum wage might just increase the flow and make the crisis at the Mexican border even worse.

Where the plan really loses contact with reality is in deciding who would pay for it. Even Tlaib isn’t willing to suggest adding another $2 trillion to the ballooning national debt – but she thinks the Treasury can simply create new money by minting two $1 trillion platinum coins. This is technically legal, thanks to a loophole that exempts coins from the restrictions on printing more paper money, but those restrictions exist for a reason.

Trying to print your way out of debt is what causes hyperinflation and wipes out whole economies. It seems Tlaib either doesn’t understand that or doesn’t care.

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