Democrat Mayor Bans White People From Party

Photo by Jimmy Woo on Unsplash

( – The Democratic Mayor of Boston has been heavily criticized for only sending out holiday party invitations to city councilors that belonged to minorities.

Denise DosSantos, the aide of Mayor Michelle Wu, started emailing out the invitations for the event. As she wrote in the email the recipients were invited to be guests at the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.”

Michelle Wu, who is the first Asian American mayor in the city has been blasted for the invitation, with many people pointing out that the invitation only included the six councilors “of color,” while excluding the seven White councilors.

DosSantos apologized for the invitation being sent out around fifteen minutes after the email had been sent and pointed out that this invitation was addressed only to minority city councilors. However, there was no apology for the party being planned in a way that excluded White city leaders.

As DosSantos pointed out she had sent the email to everyone accidentally and he apologized if her email had offended someone or had come across in a way that offended some people. She further apologized for any confusion caused.

The Boston Herald in their report about the email noted that outgoing City Councilor Frank Baker, who is White, argued that the mayor’s decision to not invite certain members of the council was “unfortunate and divisive.”

Baker did not speculate on why the mayor may have chosen to organize the event in such a way but maintained that this was not a positive move. He added that with the current temperature, this decision would just end up causing more division.

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