Democrat Joe Manchin Endorses Primary Republican Candidate

Democrat Joe Manchin Endorses Primary Republican Candidate

Joe Manchin Joins Republicans In Historic Act – Switching Sides?

( – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has probably done more than anyone else to protect America from President Biden’s radical left-wing agenda. With the Senate evenly balanced between the parties, the president needs the support of every Democrat senator in order for Vice President Harris to use her tie-breaking vote — and, thanks to Manchin, Biden can’t rely on getting there. Now, it looks like Manchin’s relationship with the Biden administration is about to get even worse.

Last weekend, Republican Representative David McKinley released an ad to support his campaign for the GOP’s West Virginia primary. McKinley is competing with fellow GOP lawmaker Alex Mooney to contest a redrawn congressional district in November’s midterms, so it’s no surprise he’s campaigning hard for the primary. What is surprising is Senator Manchin appeared in the video, endorsing McKinley’s bid.

The primary campaign is getting dirty, with Mooney accusing McKinley of “greasing the skids” for Biden’s cripplingly expensive Build Back Better agenda. It’s that accusation Manchin wants to defend him against. Manchin, who left BBB dead in the water when he refused to vote for it, says in the ad “to suggest David McKinley supported Build Back Better is an outright lie.” He went on to say Mooney is focused on himself, while the state’s residents know that “David McKinley is all about us.”

Whether Manchin backs McKinley or not, a Republican will be selected to run for the seat; his endorsement won’t make life harder for the Democrat candidate. However, in our ultra-polarized political landscape, it’s rare to see a politician who’s willing to put country before party. Joe Manchin is still willing to do just that.

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