Democrat Exposes Corruption Within Own Party

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – State Rep. Mesha Mainor, a Georgia Democrat, who is a firm supporter of school choice slammed members of her party during a segment on “Fox & Friends” for prioritizing migrant families and children, instead of poor residents and Black children who are struggling to afford necessities and to keep on top of their academic work.

On Monday morning during the interview, Mainor revealed to Ainsley Earhadt that while speaking with someone whose work is focused on migrants, she started talking about her constituents and asked about them having access to that program as well, only to be told that those programs and services she was referring to were only available to immigrants. She added that there are many different services for those needing assistance, but if you walk down the streets of Atlanta/ Georgia, it is likely that you will encounter a kid selling water on the side of the road in order to financially contribute to their household.

She added that many families did not have electricity or the space for their children to complete their program and that this problem was much broader than many people realize. Mainor brought the attention to the forefront even more after posting a video on Twitter concerning this issue. In the video, Mainor points out that every year there are claims about Black Lives Matter, but from what she can see every other minority is being prioritized while Black children are left in poverty and remain illiterate.

Mainor’s deep-blue 56th House District includes many schools that require improvement. As Mainor pointed out, many of the schools in her area have low single-digit proficiency levels in math, reading, or both.

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