Democrat CHARGED For Assault – Video Footage Released!

DC Deputy Mayor Assault Caught on Tape

DC Deputy Mayor Assault Caught on Tape

( – Leadership in the United States is supposed to be full of people who exemplify the best in American society, as they represent the people of this great nation. When one person in power steps out of line, it reflects poorly on the nation, not only to the people who live in the US but others around the world.

On October 1, Washington, DC’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Christopher Geldart reportedly got into a physical fight with a trainer outside of a gym in Arlington, Virginia. Police said the Democrat grabbed the victim “by the throat.” He was subsequently put on leave pending an investigation into the matter.

The person on the receiving end of the violence, Dustin Woodward, said Geldart has been on a terror at several Gold’s Gyms lately. The personal trainer called the deputy mayor a bully, saying he is “way too big” to be acting that way. Security footage at the establishment showed Geldart in the victim’s face, and Woodward said he was yelling and swearing at him. Apparently, the DC official hit the trainer’s girlfriend’s car when exiting his vehicle, and the two got into a spat. It wasn’t until Woodward told Geldart to “shut up” that he turned violent.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser said her office is looking into the details of the incident.

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