Democrat Candidate Quietly SKIPS Important Event!

Democratic Candidate Didn't Even Show Up To Take Award for Herself

Democratic Candidate Didn’t Even Show Up To Take Award for Herself

( – Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) is running for another term in Congress against her opponent Adam Laxalt (R). A recent CBS poll put the pair in a dead heat, with both pulling 48% of the vote in Nevada, making the race a toss-up between them. With such a close race, one would think each candidate would do everything possible to appeal to voters.

On October 14, El Concilio Hispano chose to honor Latina leaders at its 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Leadership Award banquet in Las Vegas. Three out of the four women received the honor and collected their awards in person, but the fourth, Cortez Masto, sent a stand-in to gather her prize.

The senator’s campaign claimed the lawmaker was “scheduled to be in Reno” during the event but refused to say if the trip was on her calendar before or after she knew about the award ceremony.

Jon Ralston from The Nevada Independent recently criticized the legislator for refusing to answer questions unless her opponent did the same. Her low-key style could make it hard to energize her supporters or those who haven’t decided for whom to vote in the midterm elections. Although Cortez Masto was the first Latina elected to the Senate, it seems she’s steadily losing her demographic’s support, making her recent skip more perplexing.

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