Democrat Candidate Faces Charges After Alleged Campaign Fraud

Democrat Candidate Faces Charges After Alleged Campaign Fraud

( – A Wisconsin senatorial candidate has been charged with theft after allegedly plundering over $20,000 from her campaign fund. The Milwaukee councilor wants to challenge Senator Ron Johnson for his seat in 2022 – but now her political career is in chaos.

On September 7, the Milwaukee County DA’s office indicted Alder Chantia Lewis (D) on five criminal charges, four of them felonies. In the 43-page complaint, it’s alleged that Lewis accepted reimbursement from Milwaukee City Council for official trips – then claimed the same costs again from her campaign.

She’s also accused of depositing campaign contributions into her personal bank account, accepting unauthorized campaign disbursements and finally, filing false campaign statements to hide her thefts. Prosecutors say Lewis stole at least $21,666 over four years. Three of the charges carry three and a half-year maximum sentences, while the fourth has a ten-year maximum.

Lewis blames “accounting errors” and says she’s innocent of any wrongdoing – but prosecutors have 43 pages of evidence that say otherwise.

In her Senate campaign launch, Lewis complained that “All my life I’ve been told what I can’t do.” Maybe, when they told her she couldn’t steal, she should have listened.

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