Democrat Candidate DENIES Evidence – But The Receipts Don’t Lie!

Democrat Candidate Tries To Ignore Evidence Against His Church

Democrat Candidate Tries To Ignore Evidence Against His Church

( – Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock (D) is in a tight race for his seat against Republican candidate Herschel Walker. The contenders debated on stage discussing important issues like inflation and abortion. The former NFL player has been plagued with controversy over allegations from his ex-girlfriend that he paid for an abortion — something he denies. Now, it seems like it’s Warnock’s turn in the hot seat.

Rumors surfaced saying the incumbent’s church is evicting chronically homeless people for minimal late payment amounts. The senator vehemently denied the allegations. Warnock said they were “false charges” to besmirch Ebenezer Baptist Church’s good name. The lawmaker serves as a senior pastor at the establishment.

The Washington Free Beacon broke the news on October 11, claiming the church evicted residents from apartments it owns for past due rent infractions — some under $30. Columbia Tower at MLK Village in Atlanta is reportedly owned almost entirely by the senator’s place of worship. The outlet reported that 12 residents were served eviction notices between the beginning of 2020 through September of this year.

During his debate with Walker on October 16, the senator claimed there were no such evictions — “full stop.” Yet, the court records don’t lie.

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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