Democrat Begins Bussing Migrants Out Of State

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs informed reporters that the busing operations started by Doug Ducey, the former Republican Arizona governor, would continue now that she was in office. However, she argued that there would be changes to how the operations were run so that she would ensure that migrants would be transported to their desired location in a humane and efficient way.

During an interview with the Arizona Sun, Hobbs defended her decision and noted that her main focus would have the state continue to pay for the travel costs incurred by migrants. Hobbs added that in all of this, she was just trying to ensure that the issue would be handled in the best way possible and that her office was trying to determine the best way to utilize the available taxpayer resources.

The busing operations originally started in May of the previous year The program which originally had started as a business program had chartered an aircraft.

During Ducey’s time in office, there were more than 3,000 people who had been transported away from Yuma. She added that if she would need to be spending time there because of the reporters, then she did it for this kind of user. She added that since they would already be transporting immigrants they might as well take them to their final destination.

Hobbs added that they would need to look at the immigration busing operation and ensure that everything about the program was unlawful.