Democrat Abandons The Squad As War Intensifies

( – Democratic Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) have been slammed by many of their colleagues following their statements over the weekend in which they called for the United States to stop providing funding to Israel which they referred to as an apartheid state. The statements came after Saturday’s surprise attack by Hamas which led to hundreds of Israelis losing their lives while thousands of others were wounded.

In her statement, Tlaib stated that she grieves the lost lives from both sides of this conflict. She then added that the Israeli “apartheid system” needed to be dismantled as it is what has led to these “suffocating, dehumanizing conditions” that can lead to such resistance. In a previous criticism, she had blasted the Israeli government and had denounced a July resolution in the House that was going to provide Israel with additional support.

Tlaib has Palestinian heritage and has pushed that the “occupation” of the Gaza Strip needs to come to an end and that they should stop the blockade of the Gaza Strip. As she pointed out, failing to recognize how the people were living under occupation each day was not doing this better for those living in the unsafe “apartheid.” She then pointed out that no person or child should need to spend their lives in fear of violence.

Similarly on Saturday Bush released similar comments stating she was “heartbroken” by the violence and pushed for the United States to stop providing Israel with support in order for the country’s military occupation to end.

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