Democracy At Risk This 2024 Election

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – The prime minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo warned that democracy in the United States and Europe would be tested in the coming year’s elections.

This remark was made only hours after former President Donald Trump had won the Iowa caucuses on Monday evening. Belgium took the European Union Council presidency on Jan. 1 and warned that the European Parliament needed to be ready for the possibility that the “America first” agenda would return.

De Croo stated in reference to the European elections in June that 2024 was going to be an important year that would test the country’s liberties and democracies. He added that if following the November U.S. Presidential election eh U.S. returned to an “America First” agenda then Europe would once again be left on its own.

During Trump’s “America first” agenda, relationships with Europe had cooled and Trump had even threatened that the U.S. would potentially withdraw from NATO, an alliance that has been instrumental in the handling of conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East over the last few years.

Last week, French European Commissioner Thierry Bretton claimed that in 2020 Trump had privately informed Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, that the United States would not be assisting Europe in case of an attack.

Bretton had claimed that Trump had specifically stated that the U.S. would never come to help Europe if the continent was under attack, that NATO was dead and that he would quit the alliance.

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