DEA Releases Shocking Fentanyl Numbers as Opioid Crisis Continues

DEA Releases Shocking Fentanyl Numbers as Opioid Crisis Continues

( – The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced shocking new figures showing the scale of the fentanyl problem in the US. The killer opioid is flooding the market, and it’s ending up as an ingredient in many different drugs.

On December 19, DEA Administrator Anne Milgram told CBS fentanyl is the driving force behind the epidemic of fatal drug overdoses sweeping the US, calling it “a different drug threat than we’ve seen before.” She warned a tiny amount of fentanyl – just two milligrams – can be a lethal dose, then dropped a horrifying bombshell.

This year, she said, the DEA has seized more than 20 million fake pills containing fentanyl, plus 15,000 pounds of the drug itself. That, Milgram pointed out, is potentially enough fentanyl to kill every US citizen.

Milgram warned other drugs, including methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and even marijuana, are being spiked with fentanyl to make them more addictive. An even bigger threat is the fake pills, manufactured to look like legal painkillers, which instead contain fentanyl – and the DEA say 40% of those pills contain a potentially lethal dose.

Most of the illegal fentanyl in the US is being manufactured by Mexican cartels using chemicals bought from China, and the cartels and their dealers are using sophisticated social media operations to sell their products. Many of their customers don’t even know they’re buying illegal fentanyl – they’re just ordinary Americans looking for a cheaper source of pain medication. It’s time the Biden administration got serious about securing our borders.

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