Dave Chappelle Explains Will Smith’s Famous Slap

Dave Chappelle Explains Will Smith's Famous Slap

Famed Comedian EXPOSES Will Smith’s “Ugly” Side Even Further

(TargetLiberty.org) – It was the smack heard ‘round the world. In April, following a few jokes delivered by comedian Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, actor Will Smith rose from his seat, walked over to the jokester, and hit him on live television for all the world to see. But months later, people are still talking about the incident, and it’s only been brought under the spotlight again because of famed comedian Dave Chappelle.

During a recent stand-up routine with Rock in Liverpool, comedian Dave Chappelle brought up the infamous smack. He said Smith showed his true colors that night, and he hopes the ugliness repealed to the world stays visible to the world. The fallout was swift, with Smith hiding away from the public, facing punishment from the prestigious award show and his fans.

Chapelle stated the actor seemed to think he was back in Philly, instead of at the Oscars about to receive a great honor that many in his profession only dream about. The comedian said he wore the mask of a “perfect person for 30 years” before showing he was just a regular human being like everyone else. He admitted to seeing himself in both Rock and Smith.

In July, Rock spoke out for the first time about the interaction at the awards show, saying the slap hurt, but he “shook that s**t off” and returned to work as usual.

Do you think it was appropriate for Chappelle to bring up the incident at a comedic event with the victim during his stand-up routine in Liverpool?

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