Dangerous Firefight Causes Chaos at Afghanistan Airport

Dangerous Firefight Causes Chaos at Afghanistan Airport

(TargetLiberty.org) – The desperate evacuation of US civilians and Afghan refugees from Kabul airport slid closer to disaster on Monday, after a firefight broke out near where seven people died in a stampede over the weekend.

On August 23, German military sources reported that unknown gunmen had attacked Afghan National Army soldiers near the north gate of the airport. The north gate leads into the former NATO military compound and is one of the most secure parts of the airport perimeter. But, the attackers managed to kill at least one Afghan soldier and injure several others before US and German troops drove them away.

The deadly incident is another step up in the escalating violence around the airport, where an uneasy truce between NATO troops and the Taliban is all that allows the evacuation to continue.

Even now, US military sources say they’ll struggle to get everyone evacuated before the August 31 deadline for the final withdrawal. Allied leaders are pushing President Joe Biden to negotiate an extension, but the Taliban say that’s not on the table.

It’s a tense and dangerous situation, and with just a week to go before the deadline, there’s still plenty of time for things to go wrong.

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